Trojan war fact or fiction essay

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The Trojan War - Fact or Fiction?

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The Vietnam War in Short Fiction Critical Essays

The writer of this paper ponders the issue of the Trojan war and debates whether the war in fact occurred. This paper discusses the lack of writing and description of the Trojan war until Homer's "Iliad" written some years after the event.

Myth vs Reality: Trojan War?

Did you know that Apollo was on Troy' s side during the war and even aided the bow of Paris that killed Achilles? Did you know that the Greek hero Odysseus thought to build the Trojan War Horse? Mar 21,  · Trojan War "There is no historical basis for the Trojan War, the location of Troy is debatable and therefore there is little conclusive evidence to support the Iliad" For years the ancient story of Troy and the epic Trojan War has sparked dispute among.

For hundreds of years, people have been trying to "decode" the legend of the Trojan War. Archaeologists have found the historical Troy, and they think that they've uncovered some of the major players. Watch video · The Trojan War and the sacking of the city aren't myth, but historical fact.

I'm convinced that the Greeks were at war with the residents of this part of western turkey all through the bronze age.

Whether the Trojan War actually took place, and whether the site in northwest Turkey is the same Troy, is a matter of debate. The modern-day Turkish name for the site is Hisarlik.

Trojan war fact or fiction essay
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Review and Summary of “The Trojan War: A New History” by Barry Strauss