New essays on phillis wheatley

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New Essays on Phillis Wheatley

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Notes on Phillis Wheatley Essay

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Phillis Wheatley was born in Africa around and was captured as a slave in the area known today as Senegal, which is located in West Africa.

We will write a custom essay sample on Phillis Wheatley. Notes on Phillis Wheatley Essay. Wheatley is arguably one of the most discussed authors of her time - Notes on Phillis Wheatley Essay introduction. Her success is an accumulation of the many rare circumstances that she was afforded in life.

New Essays on Phillis Wheatley Shields, John C., Lamore, Eric D. Published by The University of Tennessee Press Shields, C. & Lamore, D. New Essays on Phillis Wheatley.

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The first African American to publish a book on any subject, poet Phillis Wheatley (?–) has long been denigrated by literary critics who refused to believe that a black woman could produce such dense, intellectual work, let alone influence Romantic-period giants like Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Together, these essays reveal the depth of Phillis Wheatley’s literary achievement and present concrete evidence that her extant oeuvre merits still further scrutiny. John C. Shields is Distinguished Professor of English at Illinois State Hardcover.

New essays on phillis wheatley
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