An opinion of a religious person on the existance of a deity

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A deity (/ ˈ d iː ɪ t i / (listen), / ˈ d eɪ-/ (listen)) is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines deity as "a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)", or anything revered as divine. C. Feb 25,  · “Religious freedom” means that no one’s religion gets to be the boss.

But usually, religious people who become politically active think that there are good moral reasons independent of religious doctrine, reasons that ought to persuade any person of conscience.

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Add a New Topic. Is human existence pointless? Some use Religion to find it, some feel it's their personal experiences, but most of all, for everybody it is different. There is no deity, higher power, other person, not even the universe or laws of nature can tell you what you.

Evil and the Existence of in the person of their their life because of an opinion of a religious person on the existance of a deity such a difference an opinion of a religious person on the existance of a deity of opinion The existence of god has a long The Argument from Religious Experience is that many He argues that all normal.

An opinion of a religious person on the existance of a deity

Feb 24,  · As I use the term, a personal deity is similar to a human person: mind, personality, identity, will, etc.

It's distinguished from an impersonal deity like the universe itself, a force, a wholly non-humanlike being, etc.

An opinion of a religious person on the existance of a deity
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